Forward Together in Hope

Please join is in praying for the future of our diocese.


Forward Together in Hope is our diocesan journey of renewal, taking place over 3 years, the initiative calls us to look at ourselves as a community and see how we can best flourish in the future. Through every parish in the diocese engaging in the same way, it is hoped that under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, our diocese can ensure that it continues to serve in the best way it can as an active witness of Jesus Christ in our World.

As part of the initiative, every worshipping community in the diocese is being asked to complete a thorough self-assessment. Following a detailed consultation process, our parish has submitted a questionnaire based on our views of the future of the diocese, which was based on feedback gathered from parishioners over the past year. A copy of the questionnaire can be viewed by clicking here. The diocesan team have reflected on this questionnaire and sent us their response, which is available at the back of our Churches. Summaries to the other surveys conducted amongst laity, young people and clergy can be viewed on the initiative website.

In the light of this information, our next step was to consider these responses and discern how we can better work with our neighbouring parishes through new partnerships. Our parish response to this questionnaire can be viewed here.
It is vital that the whole process in underpinned by prayer so that we may discern how God is calling us as a community to serve Him and to serve the world. You might like to pray the official prayer or keep the initiative in your prayers.

‘I firmly believe that the Holy Spirit is with us, giving us the courage we need to move forward together in hope.’
РBishop S̩amus Cunningham, 13th Bishop of Hexham and Newcastle