Liturgy Review Meetings

 As Fr. Colm explained last weekend, he has asked us to look into how we might broaden our outlook so that we all have the opportunity to live all aspectsof our liturgy as fully as possible. To achieve this we will be carrying out a review of our current practices in the parish, using some of the suggestions from theDiocesan Tool Kit to help us examine where we are, what is good and what wemight be able to improve. We will look at all groups involved in Liturgy, from theobvious ones like readers and extra-ordinary Ministers of Holy Communion tothose we sometimes overlook like those who meet and greet.To do this successfully, the team will need input and support from those involvedin the different ministries.

Dates for the review meetings are as follows:-

Welcoming – 27th November 2019

Intercession Writing – 4th December 2019

Eucharistic Ministers – 11th December 2019

Readers – 8th January 2020

Music – 15th January 2020

Lay Leaders – 22nd January 2020

Children’s Liturgy – 29th January 2020

Servers – 5th February 2020

Sacristans – TBC

All meetings will be held at 7.30pm in the Don Bosco Room at St. Joseph’s as that offers the best parking, access and meeting facilities.

If you are involved in theseministries we really need your knowledge and support so please come along to theappropriate meeting / meetings. Thank you in advance.

The Liturgy Group

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