Parish Council Briefing 11th / 12th November ’17

Last weekend the Parish council gathered at Ampleforth to consider our progress over the last year.
As you would expect, discussion areas included our priority of engaging the youth and also the implications of the new Diocesan area partnership arrangements, but it was two new topics that dominated the discussions. These were (1) the welfare of the clergy and (2) the need for accompaniment in our faith journey.

After much prayer and heart felt and frank discussion it became clear that two actions are necessary.
Firstly, parishioners need to take on more of the tasks that do not specifically need the Parish Priest’s direct involvement.
Secondly, we need to reduce the number of weekend masses in our Parish and engage with the provision in our partnership area of Finchale.

Just to remind you the Finchale partnership covers 9 parishes, with 11 churches and is currently served by 5 priests.

This will be a significant change and we believe that we will all need to support each other on the journey.
We aim to have this change in place for Lent 2018 and will be engaging directly with parishioners to ensure that resilient new arrangements are put in place.

This process starts today and there are two parish council members at the back of church to respond to any immediate questions. There will be a meeting open to all, in St Leonard’s School Hall on Wednesday 22nd November at 7:00p.m.

A printed copy of this message is available at the back of church, and going forward updates will be published through the bulletin, on the website and Facebook page, and announced at all masses.

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