Children’s Liturgy

There is liturgy for children during term time at both the 9 am and 11 am masses.

The 9 am liturgy is for children aged 3-11 years.
The 11 am liturgy is for children aged 1-9 years and is divided into 2 groups, pre-school + reception and  year 1 and older.
All children coming to mass are invited to either liturgy. There is no membership and one does not need to come to mass regularly. The priest invites the children to the front after the first hymn.  A crowd of   children gather and process with the liturgy books to the rooms adjacent to the church where the liturgies are held.  If you’re late to Mass at St. Joseph’s, then use the side gate between the Presbytery and the Jubilee room. The children rejoin the congregation at the offertory.
The liturgists are people who are eager to present the Gospel messages to children in an understandable way.  Anyone who would like to take a turn on the rota, just speak to either Gabrielle Reddington or Jenny Crilley.  You will now need to fill in some forms and have a CRB Check done.