Pilgrimage – Road to Rome TV series

The TV series “Pilgrimage – Road to Rome” which Fr. Colm has mentioned in recent bulletins is available to view on BBCiplayer  by accessing the links below. 

Episode 1  

Available for viewing until 6th May. 

Eight celebrities of differing faiths and beliefs strap on backpacks and have 15 days to tackle 1,000km of the ancient Via Francigena pilgrimage, from the Italian Alps to Rome. 

Episode 2

Available for viewing until 12th May. 

Stephen K Amos tells the group that as a gay man he struggles to find any kind of religious home.  

Episode 3 

Available for viewing until 19th May. 

The celebrity pilgrims set off on the final challenging stretch of the Via toward Rome. When they receive an extraordinary invitation from the Vatican, emotions run high.  

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