Easter Services 

Following the guidelines from the Catholic Bishops Conference, our Easter services will go ahead, however, they will be a little different to our usual format, each being a simple service, lasting around 30 minutes. The weekend Masses for Palm or Passion Sunday will be as usual, and there will be palm crosses for you but there will be no procession and no blessing of the congregation with holy water.


Due to restrictions, there will be

• No washing of feet on Holy Thursday

• No watching at the Altar of Repose on Holy Thursday

• No kissing of the cross on Good Friday

• No candles for the congregation on Holy Saturday

• No blessing of the congregation with holy water on Easter Sunday

• No candles for the congregation on Easter Sunday

Booking will be needed for all of these services. Marjorie will be able to take your booking from 8:30am Tuesday 23rd March. Due to limited capacity in our churches, we will have to ask you to book in for one Mass only.

The Mass times will be:

Our Maundy Thursday, Good Friday Service,  Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday Masses are FULLY BOOKED. There are no more places available. Please do not try to attend if you have not booked a place as you will be turned away.