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First Holy Communion 

The Church teaches…


It is the responsibility, in the first place, of parents and those who take
the place of parents, as well as with the priest, to see that children who have reached the
age of reason are correctly prepared and are nourished, with the divine food, as early as
CJC 914

In The Parish of the Durham Martyrs, First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion are offered to children who are in school Year 4 or above, and are practising their faith in the parish. Children attending non-Catholic schools are most welcome on the programme. Baptismal evidence will need to be provided. The partnership between the parish and the family is of prime importance and especially so in this next stage of the children’s faith journey. Attendance at parent meetings, commitment to take the children to Mass and to the sessions is vital to each child’s preparation and their readiness to receive the sacraments. Example and commitment are the best forms of teaching the faith and so we will ask the help of you, the parents, to support us as we work together to prepare the children. Parents looking to enrol their children on the programme should contact the Parish Office.

Upcoming Sessions for children preparing for First Holy Communion:

We pray for all children in the parish preparing to make their First Holy Communion in June 2024. 

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