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A thank you from Helen and Fred

We would like to say a big “Thank you” to all our friends who organised and attended the wonderful Mass and farewell event at St. Joseph’s on Wednesday evening despite the challenge of a terribly wet evening. You paid us a great honour far in excess of anything we could have anticipated or deserved. We’ve always thought that Durham Martyrs’ Parish is a very special parish. A parish that is welcoming, aware of the needs of the day, generous in its support of those needs and led by an encouraging and supportive leader. We have seen that your efforts have changed peoples live. We will miss being involved in that. So, thank you all again for the cards, gifts and good wishes which we will take with us along with the Papal Blessing, which we share with you all and which will remind us of you in the years to come.

Our Love and best wishes to you all

Helen and Fred

Photos from the Mass and farewell event can be viewed on our website here;

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