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Appeal for Lumiere Volunteers

As you may have read in the bulletin we are excited to be able to open St Godric’s Church to visitors during this year’s Lumiere. We are looking for volunteers to help out for 2-hour slots from Thursday 18th -Sunday 21st November. 5-7pm and 7pm - 9pm. In order for the opening to go ahead, we are looking for a minimum of 6 volunteers per slot


We are still in need of the following amount of volunteers to go ahead:

2 people - 5-7pm thurs 18th

2 people - 7-9 thurs 18th

1 person - 5-7 Friday 19th

2 people - 7-9 Friday 19th

2 people - 5-7 sat 20th

4 people - 7-9 sat 20th

3 people - 7-9 sun 21st

If you are able to volunteer please either sign up online

Or contact Katie at or call on 07483 369561


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