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Changes to Mass from this weekend

The Parish Council met on Tuesday evening and reviewed the statement from the Bishop about the easing of the restrictions caused by the pandemic. You will begin to see some changes around the church and during Mass as we start to re-introduce a more normal way of life.

We will continue

• Booking in for weekend Masses

• Wearing a face covering unless exempt

• Using sanitiser on arriving and leaving

• Social distancing of at least one metre

We will be able to

• use the centre aisle to find a seat

• have Holy Communion during Mass, instead of after the blessing

• return to your seat after Holy Communion

• have music and singing, as long as you are wearing a mask/face covering,

We are working on having more readers and ministers assisting at Mass so if you wish to be included on the new rota, please let Marjorie know.

Thank you for your continued patience during this time, we will keep you informed of further changes.



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