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FAO: all parishioners who drive their personal motor vehicle for Parish activities

FOR THE ATTENTION OF ALL PARISHIONERS WHO ARE REQUIRED TO DRIVE A PERSONAL MOTOR VEHICLE TO CARRY OUT PARISH ACTIVITIES The Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle has issued a Directive stating that all drivers involved in Parish activities that require the use of their personal motor vehicle must check with their Insurance Company that sufficient cover is provided in the event of an accident whilst carrying out Parish duties, as the Diocese does not hold any motor insurance for either employees or volunteers. This includes the following activities, although the list is not exhaustive: • Eucharistic Ministers taking Holy Communion to the sick or housebound • Driving to the bank to deposit collection monies • A car rot to collect members of a lunch club • Arrangements where parishioners with cars pick up other parishioners to bring them to Mass If you drive for Parish duties, you need to complete an Annual Drivers Declaration Form which can be found at the back of the Church together with explanatory information. Completed form should be placed in a sealed envelope marked “Driver Declaration” and returned to church or to the Parish Office. Thank you. (Buildings/Health and Safety Committee)

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