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Gift Aid update/appeal

Firstly, on behalf of the Parish, a huge thank you to the members of the Gift Aid scheme. We’re delighted to tell you that your donations will enable the Parish to claim an additional £16,000 back from HMRC for last year. This is truly amazing in the current climate. Thank you. Despite this incredible achievement, in recent years the overall offertory income in our parish has declined, this is not altogether unexpected but as you might also expect expenditure has risen, leading to increased pressure on finances. One example to illustrate this - for both churches the annual electricity bill which has risen from c £5,000 to c £11,000. One way of boosting the parish income without increasing your contribution (although if you are able to that would be fantastic!) is to join the Gift Aid scheme if you are eligible. It is a really easy and painless way of increasing funds, allowing the parish to reclaim tax on your donations. Please see further information about the scheme below.

What is Gift Aid?

By signing a Gift Aid Declaration we can reclaim 25p for every £1 you donate to the parish. If for example you were to give £5 a week through Gift Aid the parish would obtain an annual income tax refund of £65 Am I Eligible?

In order to sign a Gift Aid Declaration you must be a UK taxpayer, and donate either by standing order or weekly envelopes so that your contributions can be recorded. - You don’t have to be paying a lot of tax to join the Gift Aid Scheme – only sufficient to cover the basic rate tax the parish will reclaim. Providing you pay tax on your salary or pension you can join the scheme. If you are a taxpayer and not in the Gift Aid Scheme the parish is effectively losing out on “free money” from the Government And so …

• If you would like to join the scheme, please let me know either by email or telephone as below and I will provide the necessary form(s) to complete.

• If you are in a position to increase your donations– if you give using weekly envelopes just put the extra in your envelope. If you give by Standing Order you can either send a revised form to your bank or amend the payment through online banking if you prefer. Perhaps … If you currently use a weekly envelope you might think about changing standing order? Please let me know and I can give you a form or provide the details to set it up on-line. It is much easier now many of us no longer carry cash and in addition it’s simpler for the parish to administer.

Gift Aid FAQs

• Do I have to commit to paying a fixed amount each week? No. You decide how much you wish to contribute as and when you are able.

• Can I leave the scheme at any time? Yes. Just let me or the Diocesan Gift Aid team know.

• Is the scheme completely confidential? Yes. You don’t need to tell anyone your level of income and the amount of your contribution is kept confidential

• Will it cost me more? No. It will not anything if you are a basic rate taxpayer and if you are a higher rate taxpayer you can actually benefit from further tax relief when you complete your tax return.

• Is it more likely that HMRC will examine my tax affairs? No.

I hope I have covered everything but if you have any questions or you would like to sign up to the scheme I will be “loitering with intent” at the back of Church over the coming weeks or you can contact me by email or telephone as below. Many, many thanks again. Esther Esther Robson, Gift Aid Administrator for the Parish of the Durham Martyrs

Email : ; Mobile: 07969 528874; Land Line: 0191 384 01734

To anyone unable to join the Gift Aid Scheme but would like to donate by standing order – please let me know and I will provide the relevant form/information.


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