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Give Time ....

Remember to give time every day for…

Usually our faith does not grow without effort on our part. We have to look for the Lord in our lives, to search for him in the Scriptures, to learn that he is alive and comes to us. If you ignore God or Jesus most of your life, you cannot suddenly turn on awareness of the presence. You need to practise the presence of God daily, to acknowledge that you are in the presence of Christ.

Each day you need to turn to him and talk to him. Do this now: turn to Christ.

Lord, in you life is eternal:

in you is my salvation.

Lord, you arose to newness of life:

Come, arise in me and let me arise in you.

Lord, you have triumphed over the darkness of death:

Come, let me walk in your light.

Lord, open my eyes to your presence:

Come, open my heart to your love.



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