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Listening Service Group

The Parish is exploring the idea of developing a small, friendly listening service. If you have any knowledge in this field either by way of contacts, information, expertise or experience which may guide us, we would like to hear from you. The number to contact is 07907046286 please leave your contact details for one of the team to get back to you.

Below is an overview of the new service and the impact coronavirus has had on our daily lives.


It is hard to imagine that within a short period of 6 months we find ourselves in such an alien situation. The impact of the coronavirus on our everyday lives has been immeasurable, to put this in some kind of context we can look at our daily routine or to put it a different way our daily activities of living which have been affected. For many, our day follows some structure and purpose whether this is a response to the expectation of the role we play in life or the things we feel comfortable about. We plan the day to account for the events and expectations we will experience, occasionally we are faced with decisions resulting from more complex issues, overall, we are able to cope with these situations. Covid 19 was unexpected yet we are faced with complex issues resulting from this.

There is no easy solution to this and despite the efforts of most people to follow the guidelines and advice in trying to prevent a further increase in the number of cases, these continue to rise with the potential of producing a second wave. As a parish we need to consider carefully the impact a second wave would have on individuals and in particular those who are vulnerable to the effects resulting form further restrictive measures. There are a number of key areas which we need to consider and these include further lockdown measures, self and social isolation and the role we play/expected of us.

The move into autumn and winter months may exacerbate this situation for some and therefore as a Parish it has been decided to offer a friendly listening service. We are aware that those who feel isolated due to the effects of Covid 19 face challenging times, therefore we are currently setting up this service to make contact during these periods and will keep you informed of the developments.


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