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Option to give by credit/debit card

A Fourth Option of Giving by Credit/Debit card is to be shortly introduced following requests from some Parishioners who often don’t carry as much cash as they used to.

The current three methods will REMAIN as usual:

1. By Standing Order - the much-preferred method

2. By Envelope

3. By Cash on the Collection Plate

The added advantage is that people will be also able to use it for Special Collections and the Piety (papers and cards) Stall.

There will be a Credit/Debit Card terminal at both St Joseph’s and St Godric’s from Saturday 15th July with clear simple instructions and also how to register to Gift Aid the Giving if people wish to. If you normally pay for your shopping with a bank card at a ‘Tap and Go’ terminal or get cash out at a ‘Cash Point’ then you will find that the system being installed is very familiar and easy to use. To help ease the introduction there will also be support in attendance for the first two weekends to help people if needed.


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