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Raffle Winners - St. Leonard's World Challenge Trip to Peru

First of all Keona and Megan would like to say a big thank you to Kitty Trainor for making the beautiful quilt and to Audrey Lane for donating a knitted blanket. The response from both Churches, St Joseph's and St Godric's has been immense and Keona and Megan would like to say a big thank you to all the parishioners for their contribution and kindness. The girls raised an incredible £644.20. All the winners' names can be found below, and you can collect your prize from the girls, who will be at all Masses this weekend.

Raffle - St. Leonard's World Challenge Trip to Peru

List of Winners of the raffle held on 8th/9th February

St. Joseph's

Kitty Trainor’s Quilt Pat Taylor - Yellow 511-515

Audrey’s knitted blanket Margaret Wallace - Green 821-825

Spa set Kitty Trainor - Blue 171 - 175

Celebration mugs John Barratt - Green 666-670

Candle set. Norbert P - Green 801-805

Toiletries set. J Brownsword - Blue 186-190

Royal Jelly Set Marie Hawkins - Yellow 386-390

Rioja Erica Smith - Dark green 326-330

Wine Pat George - Yellow 491- 495

Pamper Set Sheila Hunter - Yellow 501 - 505

Notebook Marjorie - Dark green 286-290

Candle Anne Close - Blue 221-225

Egg cups Tate - Green 681-685

Gin &chocolate Bill Squire - Yellow 406-410

Scarf Anne Ridley - Yellow 461 -465

Scarf MT Flynn - Yellow 456-460

St Godric’s

Laura Ashley body set Kathleen - White 761-76

Set of glasses Joe Hughes - Blue 11-15

Candle Barbara - Blue 56-60

Wine Vincent Nelson - White 921-925

Sanctuary Spa Mr & Mrs Moran - Dark green 101-105

Candle M McGowan - Yellow 286-290

Box of biscuits John Harrison - Dark green 206-210

Candle set Elaine - Dark green 201-205

Picture frame Carre - White 776 - 780

Body Butter Set Sheila Layton - Dark green 151-155

Easter egg Leonard - Blue 51-55

Knitted scarf Joyce Grant - Dark green 56-60

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