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Safety Alert - St Godric's Church

An external inspection of St. Godric’s church this week identified a large piece of insecure timber hanging from the tower immediately above the main entrance. There is a danger it could fall at any moment. Remedial work is scheduled to take place this coming week, but until this work is completed the use of the main entrance should be minimised. Those attending Mass during this period will still be able to access the church using the main door but only if the parish member designated as a spotter is satisfied that the timber still looks secure. However, when leaving Mass everyone who is able so should exit via the rear door down the steps into the car park. Anyone who has difficulty negotiating these steps will be allowed to leave by the main door under the guidance of the spotter and should move well clear of the danger area as quickly as they are able to. We apologise for any inconvenience caused during the next few days.

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