Suggestions for supporting each other - Fr. Colm

So how can we support each other when such gatherings might be potentially dangerous? What can we do as a church (parish)?

1. We can encourage each other by phone, texting, emailing on a daily basis.

2. We can pray together. Perhaps agreeing to join each other in your separate home at a set time. Perhaps Mass times?

3. We could use certain Apps to assist with this prayer. Pray as You Go is an excellent prayer app.

4. We could join with those in prayer for Exposition. Between 2.00 and 3.00pm each day, we could simply remember each other, especially you who are housebound. You could let a friend (parishioner) know that you might like to be included in this prayer.

5. We could all pray for the eradication of Coronavirus. We could include health workers in the NHS. Perhaps a special prayer for the return of the 50,000 medical staff no longer with us. Lots to pray for. So why not begin by joining the parish in prayer each morning at 9.15am?

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