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The Support Fund - Do You Need Some Support?

Winter has come and gone, summer is with us but the cost of living squeeze has never been greater. You may consider that someone is “worse off than yourself” but for once… think of yourself. We would urge, that anyone within the parish irrespective of age having to make such a decision as “Can I afford to put the gas or electricity on?”, or “Can I pay the rent?”, or “Can I afford to do the shopping?” to approach the Support Fund immediately for assistance. That is what it is there for – to support our fellow parishioners in need, including all refugees who have come to live in our parish.

The form, to apply for funds, is available to download as per the link below, or via the parish office.

Applications to be sent to the Parish Secretary at or addressed to her at the Parish Office, and you can contact her on the parish mobile 07391 529 827.

If you require help to complete an application, any member of the parish community can assist you in this regard, or can submit an application on your behalf.

Information on Durham food Banks For information please use the on-line link for information on all County Durham Foodbanks – Locations / Opening times / to donate or volunteer

Durham Martyrs Parish Support fund
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