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Thought from Fr. Colm 04/03/22

The Ukraine is the focus of all our thoughts and prayers now. Perhaps this was part of the reason for such high attendances at our Ash Wednesday Masses at which St. Godric’s School joined the parish. Thanks Barbara and team for organising. There was also something special about Wednesday evening at St. Joseph’s. Many had returned after two years of Covid limbo. Great to see you back! Roger’s poignant organ accompaniment touched the right notes too. Indeed we are blessed with such musical talents in Roger, Matt and Paul. Our sense of empathy for the people of Ukraine was also very evident at our vigil last Saturday night at St. Joseph’s. Thank you all. We continue our prayerful efforts at St. Godric’s on Sunday with Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament at 3.00pm. There was great parish presence at the URC church in Waddington Street last Sunday for the Church Action on Poverty Meeting. The main speakers were passionate and inspiring. We were left with no doubt about the challenge ahead in the fight against poverty. A deeper question was asked regarding the legality of depriving the poor of what is their right. There were some excellent presentations all round, followed by some very informative group discussions. I attended Fr. Jim O’Keefe’s 50th anniversary of priesthood last Sunday. Well done Jim. Our sincere condolences to Audrey Lane on the death of her daughter Cassie. Audrey is one of our dedicated church stewards in these difficult times. An example being ground maintenance. The recent storms hammered our fencing, which has now been repaired, but general windswept litter strewn around all our grounds can be a challenge. Do keep an eye and help with picking it up would be most appreciated. Tony Twomey’s vigilance a miss. Our schools are doing great despite the traumatic times they, and students in particular, have been through, and let me be clear that the after-effects of lockdown continue to take their toll. Some children have really struggled. Our schools’ staff have responded brilliantly. Thank you all and well done to them for their dedication. As you will see in other parts of the bulletin, we need names for rotas, especially at St. Godric’s for opening and closing the church during the week. How often do I have to use this platform to hammer home the problems inherent in letting one person do everything, and this is right across the board.

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