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Thought from Fr. Colm - 10th July

Our parish council meeting this week to discuss the Hardship Fund, and best ways

of implementing it. Our thanks to Syd Rooke and Peter Mackie from the local

Credit Union for sharing their experiences with us.

We continue to work on the safest ways of opening St. Godric’s and St. Joseph’s.

As you know, the experts are telling us that Coronavirus has not gone away. We

have to be absolutely certain that we have in place the best possible measures to

ensure that we have a safe environment for you to return to pray.

The First Holy Communions were also discussed. As with weddings and baptisms,

we are in uncharted waters. As to when the postponed June dates will now take

place, the answer is: we simply do not know.

There are too many important hurdles to be crossed before we can even consider

dates. But of this we can presume with ever growing certainty: they will not be

in the same format as previously. We may have to stagger the groups of children

from across the Parish using as best we can both of our churches, or if needs be,

one of our churches, if safety is the deciding factor. Again, safety will ultimately

dictate when, where and in what format we have them. The smaller the

gatherings, the lower the health risks. I’m sure guidelines will follow, anyhow.

Rest assured that we haven’t forgotten this very important sacrament. I think

you’ll all also agree that children have huge pressures on them right now in their

adjusting to new learning environments, as do the schools, who have a pivotal

role in the catechetical programme of First Holy Communions. One step at a time

is of vital importance right now. Thanks.

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