Thought from Fr. Colm - 14/01/22

The two main diocesan and church projects this year are The World Synod of the Laity and the Year of the Eucharist. These were planned pre-pandemic but ironically have been brought into greater focus by the virus. We have had to step up to involve new blood in the parish into many different roles. This has been important to me. The more senior members who have, and still are, giving of themselves, continue to be invaluable to the continued move forward out of Covid. The Year of the Eucharist asks how do we reaffirm our commitment to the Mass. The numbers are slowly creeping up again at weekend Masses especially. Important questions might be asked as to our own understanding of the Eucharist. It has communitarian dimension, it is devotional, it is sacrificial and it is celebratory. Perhaps we can consider how we see the Synod and Eucharist as being inseparable. The past two years have allowed expression to both. We can now build on this. Changes are afoot in both parish and schools. In the parish we are losing Fred and Helen Haywood, as they hope to move nearer their daughter Jenny and husband Craig. Sadly, that move in more imminent with the sale of their house. Both Helen and Fred have been blessings to the parish since their arrival from the South. I thank them for all their self-giving in so many areas of parish life, especially to me as PP.…. and some important news from St. Godric’s School - the winds of change are also blowing here. Congratulations to Mrs. Catherine Craig, Headteacher at St. Godric’s, who has been seconded to the Diocese for two terms acting as Deputy Head of Education. We wish you well Catherine in this new challenge

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