Thought from Fr. Colm - 15th January

I am not going to add to the constant bombardment of negative news you receive regularly, but the need to close our two churches is without doubt the most important decision we have to cope with now as a parish. Thank you all for your support in this difficult decision. The constant message from our medical guides especially Professor Chris Witty, is very clear, that staying at home is the one, and only, way to protect ourselves. Our moral responsibility also is to stand with our hard-working health workers, and do our bit in the national effort.

And while our stewards, our Ministers of Word and Eucharist also have been terrific, they too must not be put in vulnerable positions at this dangerous time. Covid is proving very elusive, and very aggressive now. The risks to our wellbeing are higher than ever since Covid-19 first arrived in February. Many sacrifices are now being made by so many to stay at home, isn’t it also our responsibility to stand in solidarity with our greatly stretched NHS and not add to their massive workload. Of course, we miss the spiritual and mental support which our churches give, but please God, this will be a short-term closure helping to circuit break.

The call to share in the sufferings of Christ takes many forms and our willingness to sacrifice so much of what is so dear to us as a community will be important in helping the national effort until the vaccine is readily available to all.

“Although the church administers Christ’s grace through the Sacraments, and although she provides healthcare services in the remotest corner of the planet, she is not an expert in the prevention or cure of the pandemic. She helps with the sick, but she is not an expert.” Pope Francis.

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