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Thought from Fr. Colm - 17/09/21

The regulations for church attendance change this weekend (please see inside this week's bulletin for details). A more relaxed approach is being taken. Some may feel it’s about time, as other dioceses throughout the country have been more relaxed for some time now. However, other dioceses have not had the same spikes in Covid numbers as the North East. We are entering tricky times with schools and universities returning. Let’s hope and pray we see responsible leadership and behaviour from everyone concerned. Tenter House is now ready for occupancy and the Capuchins will be with us soon. If you spot an odd Friar around, it will be Bro Paul, who will take up residency ahead of the rest of the community. Can I thank our Parish Buildings Committee for their great efforts in ensuring that Tenter House is properly cared for during these recent months.


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