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Thought from Fr. Colm - 18/01/22

Thank God we now seem to be emerging from Covid. All I’d ask is caution whilst in church. As with numerous business guidelines, I ask that you continue to wear masks and sanitise your hands on entry to either St. Joseph’s or St. Godric’s. The First Holy Communion programme began with a meeting between parents and catechists. It was great seeing so many faces again and lovely to see the genuine enthusiasm for the Sacrament. Thanks to our team. We had a special Mass for Mrs. Craig at St. Godric’s on Thursday. Catherine’s influence on the school has been enormous over the 11 years of her leadership. Our prayers and support are with her as she takes on a challenging role of leadership in the Diocese. Sadly, we saw the passing of Eric Smith this week. Eric was a very formative figure for all who knew him, especially those from Thornley, where he was a much-loved Head Teacher for so many years. But it was in this parish that he was both a great friend and support to me, and to many others. Always immaculate in dress and charm, his warmth of personality and astute counsel will be sadly missed. May he rest in peace.


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