Thought from Fr. Colm - 18th April 2020

This has been the strangest of Easter experiences. Celebrating the lighting of the paschal candle alone almost negates its rich symbolisms. The Light Of Christ is the most important of gathering statements in our churches history. And sadly, there was no gathering. Alone, however, I did recall the many experiences of gathering on this night that took place in the three areas of what is now one parish of the Durham Martyrs. I thought of the St Leonard’s Masses at this time last year. The lighting of the great Candle under the obelisk. How wonderful that was. I then recalled each and every one of you at home unable to gather physically for this precious rejoicing. All seemed to enrich Saturday’s Vigil in isolation, greatly. And then there is the Hope it offers us at a time when we desperately need it, when perhaps the three churches of St. Godric’s, St. Bede’s and St. Joseph's never experienced uncertainty anything like this before. 

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