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Thought from Fr. Colm - 18th June

Good news this week with the appointment of Bishop Stephen Wright as our new Bishop. We offer him our prayers and support. There is a Pastoral Letter from Archbishop Malcolm being read out at all Masses this weekend, explaining more on the appointment of Bishop Stephen. Congratulations to Fr. Tony King, who celebrated his 60th Anniversary this weekend. Fr. Tony was such a great guide during our Pilgrimage to the West of Ireland a few years back. Well done and congratulations to all our First Communicants from our three primary schools. Thanks to all who assisted in bringing the children to this day. Weren’t we lucky with the weather too!! Next Saturday morning, 24th June, at 10.00am in the Jubilee Room at St. Joseph’s there will be a gentle presentation and discussion on Priesthood and Church. The title of the main presentation will be ‘Presiding in the Midst of the Baptised’ by Prof. Tom O’Loughlin. Its simply an historical perspective on the role of the Priest, and its changing role in the life of the Church and Parish. Tom will be joined by myself and John O’Brien, Spiritan, who worked as a Missionary in Pakistan for over 30 years. It will not be an academic exercise, but an effort to take a practical look at the evolving role of priesthood from 40 years in the vineyard. Tom and I were ordained together on 12th June 1983. And whilst on the subject of my 40th Anniversary of Ordination, can I thank you for the many gifts and cards I received to celebrate the occasion.

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