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Thought from Fr. Colm - 19th November

Our Gifts Are For Encouraging

© By M.S.Lowndes

Help us, Lord, to see ourselves

Through your loving eyes,

To see what you see in us

And to come to realize

That everything that we possess

Comes directly from you,

The gifts, the talents you've placed within

Are there for us to use

To reach with hope to those that hurt,

To those who've lost their way

It's your gifts, Lord, they're not our own,

So take them, Lord, we pray

And use them for your glory,

So others may be blessed

And have their spirits lifted

And their souls also refreshed

So they can then be challenged

To seek more after you,

To be much more empowered

For whatever they may do

For each of us have talents

That God has placed within

So we can encourage others

To have a closer walk with Him

And as we encourage another,

We can be encouraged ourselves,

For there needs to be a continual flow

And a continual pouring out

And as we do this, we will find

Insecurities will disappear

And we’ll be strengthened in His love

To overcome our fears.

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