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Thought from Fr. Colm - 22nd January

Lockdown has been a great challenge for all of us. However, as I was out walking recently, I looked across at the imposing building that is Durham Prison and felt more grateful for what liberty I do have. “They call it free time and it’s the biggest lie because we are still here..” Ibi Zaboi. It is also worth thinking of the response of our health workers, our schools’ staff, many of whom are having to deal with some fairly unreasonable behaviour and expectations of others. Then there is the higher incidence of bin men going down with Covid. Or, what’s it like being a cashier in a supermarket who is verbally abused for asking

a simple question like, “please, can you wear a face mask?”. I could go on. Not only are front line workers rising to the challenge, but they are doing so with courage and enthusiasm. The smile is always there! Yes, tough times, but they will come to an end.


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