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Thought from Fr. Colm - 26/11/21

Welcome Brother Paul to the Parish. Capuchin Friar, Bro Paul arrived ahead of the rest of his Community on Thursday to take up residence in Tenter House. We look forward to the Spirit of St. Francis coming to the North-East for the first time since the Middle Ages. Brother Paul is preparing the way for the rest of the Community, who should be with us early in the New Year. Covid restrictions are being lifted ever so gently soon. Whilst we all look forward to this, need I tell you that we are not out of the woods yet!!! Please continue your tremendous support by being vigilant, and responsible. Masks are an essential part of that vigilance, as are hand sanitising and social distancing. We still witness dreadful irresponsible behaviour around us in other parts of society where people gather. I continually hear visitors say how shocked they are at the disregard for protective measures in supermarkets etc. The Diocese has an excellent record of being Covid free in all churches. Let’s keep it so. Thank you.

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