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Thought from Fr. Colm - 26th June

Quite an amount of information arrives daily at the parish office regarding church openings etc. You will receive more this weekend on the parish website and newsletter. While all is positive news, can I ask caution re dangers of contagion and a possible second spike. Can I ask especially, those in the vulnerable age category, and with underlying health problems, to be especially cautious. The parish council met on Zoom this week and looked at a number of issues, especially church openings. Since that meeting I received from the Diocese notification that St. Godric’s will be in the next but one, trench of churches to open. Many thanks to those of you who have already volunteered to assist with the preparation of our churches to open. We will be in touch as soon as dates are given. You will notice that the Hardship Fund is being set up. With furlough still in operation, we may not be aware of critical need just yet. But the anticipation nationwide is that things may become more critical quite soon. Sadly, we lost Joan Humble this week. With her dry sense of humour, and equally big heart, she will be a big loss, especially to our gatherings at St. Bede’s for daily Mass and Services of Word and Communion. We hope that the parish packs continue to give the joy we have had reflected back to us in the past. Thanks for the positive feedback.

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