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Thought from Fr. Colm - 26th March

If you chance to stroll around the garden at St. Joseph’s, you will see the new Remembrance plaque in memory of those who had roses dedicated in their memories. Obviously with the passing of time, these roses – and stakes – were difficult to maintain, and so it was decided to have one memorial plaque dedicated to all these names. It's very lovely, and special thanks must go to our Buildings Committee, and in particular Tom Hoban, for organising this marvellous permanent fixture. Apologies to those who have struggled with the sound system at St. Joseph’s. I have become aware that the volume is very inadequate, especially for those dependent on the loop system. It will be addressed. Readers please note. Since letting you know that we hope to return to Holy Communion under both kinds soon, I have listened to opinions of caution expressed, especially from Ministers of the Eucharist. I am very grateful for your opinions and fully understand the fears. Let’s therefore defer this decision until later. Thanks.

‘Truth’ by John Masefield

1. Man with his burning soul

Has but an hour of breath

To build a ship of truth

In which his soul may sail —

Sail on the sea of death,

For death takes toll

Of beauty, courage, youth,

Of all but truth.

2. Life's city ways are dark,

Men mutter by; the wells

Of the great waters moan.

O death! O sea! O tide!

The waters moan like bells;

No light, no mark,

The soul goes out alone

On seas unknown.

3. Stripped of all purple robes,

Stripped of all golden lies,

I will not be afraid,

Truth will preserve through death.

Perhaps the stars will rise —

The stars like globes;

The ship my striving made

May see night fade.


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