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Thought from Fr. Colm - 2nd April

Holy Week is here. I hope you can join us for the services. The Penitential Service at St. Godric’s begins the celebrations. The Mini Triduum for the elderly and housebound is on Wednesday and then the Easter Triduum. Can I remind our readers at St. Joseph’s that the sound system needs improving. The hard of hearing are particularly struggling, Regarding Communion under both kinds, you will be asked at all Masses this weekend by a show of hands if we should restore the practice. This will not be a count but an effort to find out if and when we might restore the chalice to all. For the Sign of Peace, please don’t feel slighted or rejected by those near you who don’t wish to shake hands – its nothing personal. We’re all still treading cautiously post-Covid, if we are still post-Covid? Can I now wish you all a very Happy Easter. A special wish for a restful break to all our teachers.


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