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Thought from Fr. Colm - 3rd April 2020

The first thing I’d like to mention is my hope that you are all coping well in lockdown. It does affect us in different ways, depending on our own particular personalities.Perhaps the most helpful advice is that we try to develop a discipline. Keep busy, don’t slouch around. As a wise Hebridean islander said, “it’s easy to fritter away your time, and that is very soul destroying.” So do try not to.

One area of challenge for all of us in the Durham Martyrs’ Parish is just how we adapt to social media. Marjorie is working on the bulletin and answering emails etc., and Leanne and Katie are developing our website on a daily basis. Thank you to them. But for us to have access to as many as possible, it is important to educate so many of our older parishioners on its use. So perhaps younger family members, or friends, might see this time as an opportunity to do just that. If I can adjust, anyone can. We are trying to re-connect with as many parishioners as possible in these trying times, especially the more isolated. We need everyone’s support here. Do let us know via the parish website or through Marjorie, or me. Thanks. Do continue to look after yourselves, and continue to pray for all of us.


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