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Thought from Fr. Colm - 3rd July

This weekend is an opportunity for new beginnings. Mass will be celebrated in some churches for the first time in months. We are not ready for that in the parish, just yet. The return to private prayer will be our first challenge to get safety measures just right. Can I also take this opportunity to praise our teachers and schools staff in these very challenging times. One can only imagine the challenges of maintaining social distancing among lively and enthusiastic young children. Our prayers and support are with you...and our gratitude. The two major concerns at this time are the mental well-being of all, and the probable increase of a financial hit that many will face in the near future. Can we please be as vigilant as possible to both of these issues. Loneliness, isolation, fear, and anxiety are a growing trend. This stands to reason when considering the uncertainty that hangs over us. Listening is now a major activity for all of us. And as Christians, even more so. Many will not have the strength to say to us “I need to be listened to”, or, “I’m struggling financially.” So please be especially vigilant for the unspoken cry for help. Thanks


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