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Thought from Fr. Colm 4/2/22

I seem to be writing about loss and departure over the past few weeks. Sadly, I am continuing in this vein this weekend as well. As you will read in another part of this bulletin, Katie Flood has announced her departure from the parish in the Autumn. We are all saddened by her decision but understand the reasons. Katie’s talents are obvious to all of us and ironically these shone out, not just with the young of the parish, but with the housebound during the lockdown. She led the parish team who distributed the parish pack with such success during those dark months of isolation. Obviously, Katie’s contribution to all our schools goes without saying. Yes, you will be a big miss Katie, but we all know that you will be successful on whatever road you choose to travel now. Last Sunday was the 50th anniversary of a bleak day in the history of ‘The Troubles’. However, wonderful initiatives of reconciliation have been part of those 50 years. You might like to watch a powerful presentation by Pope Francis’ biographer, Austin Ivereigh, at the launch of one such initiative. You can get it on YouTube.Leanne will also have the link on the parish website. Its title is “4 Corners Festival”. We are easing off restrictions in church but this implies more responsibility on your part. Please help us to ensure a safe return to church for all. Thanks.


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