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Thought from Fr. Colm - 5th June

So many events have had to be cancelled because of Coronavirus. Weddings have been postponed. Funerals have restricted numbers, and this weekend we would have hosted the first of the two First Holy Communion Days. At St. Joseph’s this weekend, followed by St. Godric’s next week. These have always been occasions of great celebration for the parish. High points of the parish year. We are so sorry to all for not being able to host these two great days.

The irony is that none of us have been able to receive Holy Communion for some time now, so we are all on the same journey.

We hope to set up a Crisis Fund for those who are struggling financially with lockdown. We are especially conscious of those made redundant, or may be so in the future. The situation will probably get more critical in the coming weeks and months, and so in our efforts to address this growing need we will be creating a special Parish Covid Crisis Fund. There will be more details of how we plan to do this soon.

Thank you for your continued financial support to the general upkeep of the parish


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