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Thought from Fr. Colm - 7th May

The Pentecost Novena is important. It’s the culmination of our journey through Lent and Easter. Much has happened since we last had a “parish” event whereby we could renew our Faith commitment in this way. The Acts of the Apostles clearly show that this commitment was pivotal to the growth of this small group of Christians. It seems something similar is prompting our journey post-Covid. More and more I’m hearing how everything has changed since the pandemic. We have all changed. Perhaps this is an opportunity for us to give more stability to our own uncertain world.

“The answer is that God does send thunderbolts – human ones. He sends in the poor in Spirit, the meek, the mourners, the peacemakers, the hungry-for-justice people. They are the way God wants to act in this world. They are more effective than any lightning flashes or actual thunderbolts. They will use their initiative; they will see where the real needs are and go to meet them. They will weep at the tombs of their friends. At the tombs of their enemies. Some of them will get hurt. Some may be killed. That is the story of Acts, all through. There will be problems, punishments, setbacks, shipwrecks, but God’s purpose will come through. These people, prayerful, humble, faithful, will be the answer, not to the question “Why?” but to the question “What?” What needs to be done here? Who is most at risk? How can we help? Who shall we send? God works in all things with and through those who love him.” N.T. Wright, God and the Pandemic: A Christian reflection on the Coronavirus and its Aftermath

One of the challenges facing us as a Parish Community is the reluctance/fear of some to renew their commitment to volunteer. We have been and are blessed with a strong group of volunteers who are re-joining the different ministries they held pre-pandemic. Thank you to all who have volunteered to be welcomers especially. This task is not as onerous as it might seem. Its most important function is that smiling face of welcome, especially to the stranger. Can I remind Readers/Lectors especially, that there will be a workshop soon to support you. We have improved the sound system at St. Joseph’s recently. If there is a difficulty in hearing, especially via the loop system in either church, do please let me know. Thanks.

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