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Thought from Fr. Colm -8th October

Congratulations to the Capuchin Community at Tenter House on the Feast of St. Francis. Last Wednesday we celebrated the Feast Day with Mass at St. Joseph’s with an excellent homily on the life of St. Francis by Fr. Peter, Dominican and resident at Tenter House whilst studying at the Centre for Catholic Studies. Our next Baptism Course takes place this Monday, 9th October. Can I ask parents attending to familiarise themselves in the life of the church their child is being baptised into. I would ask this especially of parents who do not attend Mass regularly. The Mass (Eucharist) is central to our religious faith. It’s the essence of what we believe as Catholics. It is also (should be) pivotal to understanding the role of a Parish Community. And still on Mass attendance, our numbers continue to slowly return to pre-Covid numbers. The virus is still out there, but we can’t allow our fears to dictate the important positives gained by gathering as a people, especially at a spiritual and mental level. Again, can I ask for more volunteers in all areas of parish life. We have a great set of volunteers already, but more would be very welcome. We sadly lost Dave Simpson this week. Dave, a quiet man, lived alone and got great comfort being collected by a parish volunteer every Wednesday and brought to our Lunch Club. May he rest in peace. We hope to begin again our Journey in Faith Programme. If anyone is interested, please contact me, or the parish secretary.

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