Praying the Rosary with Children

Here you will find recordings and prayers to assist in praying the Rosary. 

The history of the Rosary
00:00 / 12:00
The Joyful Mysteries (Monday & Saturday)
00:00 / 22:04
The Sorrowful Mysteries (Tuesday & Friday)
00:00 / 17:44
The Glorious Mysteries (Wednesday & Sunday)
00:00 / 20:56
The Luminous Mysteries (Thursday)
00:00 / 24:10
About Us 

The parish of the Durham Martyrs incorporates the Catholic churches of Our Lady of Mercy and St Godric, St Bede and St Joseph in Durham City. We are part of the Finchale Partnership and based within the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle.

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St. Bede,

St Godric's RC Primary School, Carrhouse Drive,


DH1 5LZ 

Our Lady of Mercy

and St Godric

Castle Chare

St Joseph

Mill Lane

Marjorie, the Parish Secretary's working hours are 8:30am -4:00pm Tues - Fri. If you email outside these hours you will receive a response when Marjorie is back in the office. 

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