The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales have issued a new version of the guidelines for Parishes, for immediate implementation. At our Parish Council meeting on Tuesday, we discussed the guidelines and agreed to the following

1. Attending Mass

a. The recommendation is that you should stay at home if you are in a vulnerable group, that is the elderly and anyone with underlying health conditions.

b. If you are in a vulnerable group but otherwise well and wish to receive a home visit for Holy Communion, let Marjorie know.

c. It is also recommended that if you have any cold symptoms, you should stay at home as a precaution.


2. Arrival

a. Please follow the good hygiene guidelines - wash hands before coming to church, avoid touching surfaces while you are here, avoid touching your face, wash hands when you get home. We have put the NHS posters up as a reminder.

b. Mass books and hymn books have been removed, so the bulletin provides some of the responses for the Mass.

c. The collection plates are placed in the porch and will not be passed around, please give your usual donation. The plates are  there on the way out today, they will be there on your way in in future so they can be used for the Offertory.


3. Holy Communion

a. We will continue to receive the host in the hand only.

b. Two ministers will distribute to minimise risk to priests.

c. Blessings will be given without physical contact.


4. After Mass

a. We will be not be serving refreshments, to reduce the chance of cross infection.


5. Social gatherings

a. Our coffee mornings, lunches etc are suspended for the time being, but will be restarted as soon as possible, as these are a vital part of our community.


The position and guidelines re the coronavirus COVID-19 disease are changing every day and we aim to keep you informed of any steps we need to take as soon as possible.

Briefing Note re Meeting of the Durham Martyrs Parish Council Precautions re Coronavirus Covid-19 
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The parish of the Durham Martyrs incorporates the Catholic churches of Our Lady of Mercy and St Godric, St Bede and St Joseph in Durham City. We are part of the Finchale Partnership and based within the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle.

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