Private Prayer and Mass

After so many months our churches are opening, in the first instance for personal prayer quickly followed by Mass. During the first few months you will notice a number of differences when attending church. The experience, although welcomed, will certainly not be what we have enjoyed for many years. Please bear with us during this period.
For example: Face masks are to be worn at all services in St. Godric’s and St. Joseph’s. Social distancing determines that the number attending any service is restricted.


A further Risk Assessment has reduced our maximum number to 59 for St. Joseph's and we expect St. Godric's to be reduced to 44. We are continually reviewing the ways to keep you all safely distanced, so please observe the signs on the benches.
To accommodate the maximum number of worshippers it will be necessary to contact Marjorie, our parish secretary, either by telephone 07391 529 827 or email  requesting a place. She will need your name and a contact number. For Mass the capacity of our churches is limited to about 30% of the norm.  The deadline for requesting a place at Mass is 4.00pm on Friday for Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday Masses. For Masses on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, you can make your request up to 4.00pm the day before.  In accordance with Government Guidelines, and each time you reserve a place, she will need your name and a contact number for track and trace purposes, should this become necessary.
If you are unable to get a place at a weekend Mass, remember there is Mass during the week. Our obligation to attend Sunday mass is waived at present. Every effort will be made to ensure that all who ask to go to either the vigil at St. Joseph’s or Sunday morning mass at St. Godric’s will be accommodated as soon as possible. May we take this opportunity of asking those who are vulnerable not to come to mass at present.
The reception of Holy Communion will by necessity have to be controlled and our volunteer stewards will guide you. In order to reduce the risk of Covid 19 following the reception of the Blessed Sacrament, which will be received only in the hand, you will be expected to leave the church immediately.  Whilst many will not have seen their friends and fellow parishioners for a number of months, you will be encouraged to leave the church surrounds immediately.The dates and times are listed below:

Mass and Service times sometimes change. Please check the Bulletin for the weekly Masses and Services. 

About Us 

The parish of the Durham Martyrs incorporates the Catholic churches of Our Lady of Mercy and St Godric, St Bede and St Joseph in Durham City. We are part of the Finchale Partnership and based within the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle.

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