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Partnership Sub Groups

The Partnership Development Group consists of all 5 Parish Priests within the Partnership and a Parish representative who meet regularly to discuss how the partnership will work.


Our Parish representative is Graham Donachie

There are six Partnership Sub Groups with representatives from the parish on each.  These are:

Building our community

Parishioners on the subgroup are Graham Donachie, Evanna Donachie, Mary McHugh, Patrick Conway and Elizabeth McCabe. 



Parishioners on the subgroup are Michael McNally, Catherine Flynn, Joanna Pallister
Joe Hughes, Kathleen Murray
and Tom Hoban.


Parishioners on the subgroup are Mary McHugh, Elizabeth McCabe, and Patrick Conway. 

Prayer & Spirituality 

Parishioners on the subgroup are Denise McLoughlin, Maureen Hoban and Mary Earnshaw. 


Katie Flood  has an input in this subgroup. 

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