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Bishop Robert Byrne CO, Bishop of Hexham & Newcastle, will open the Synod and Year of the Eucharist during the celebration of Mass on Sun 17 Oct at 6.30pm. Watch a live stream of the Mass on St. Mary's Cathedral YouTube Channel


Pope Francis has called for a Synod of the world-wide Catholic Church to commence in October 2021 and culminating with a General Assembly of all the Bishops in October 2023. For more information on what a Synod is, why it is being held, the purpose and for future posts about how we will be responding at parish level please see the following page of the website:

Synod 2021-2023 | DurhamMartyrsParish


The Year of the Eucharist is being launched this Sunday by Bishop Robert. Perhaps we might think of giving an extra effort to becoming more acquainted with all aspects of the Eucharist in our churches and schools. Let’s face the reality that the next generation are not bothered. As is often my own experience in chatting with parents of smaller children; football and other activities are a priority on a Sunday morning. Young teenagers are now under great pressure not to come to Mass. For many it’s simply not on their radar at all. The mental strength that gathering as a community for worship is a given. All fields of psychology are clear on this. Statistics are there to prove it. Perhaps we, as part of these community gatherings need to look more closely on what makes it something we wish to share with our families and friends. I was speaking to someone who is recently arrived in our parish (3 years ago) and still hardly knows anyone. Covid, of course, has interrupted. But, nonetheless, surely there is a challenge here for us to reflect on. The contemplative dimension to the Eucharist is richer in our tradition than many. Do we appreciate that in the light of the desperate need, for young people especially, to break from the bombardment on the senses by media etc. Are we as adults able to appreciate our need for that silent gathering together in church that is so beneficial to the soul? As you can see from the bulletin, Katie ran a very successful Confirmation Exhibition at St. Leonard’s this week, where great interest was shown by all. Many thanks to Mr. Hammill and staff for their support. Now to Covid. It’s still there. Helpers and Ministers of the Eucharist please be careful. Thanks .