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Durham Martyrs' Parish Support Fund

Thanks to generous donations from parishioners, the parish established a Support Fund. The purpose of the fund is to assist parishioners and their families, in the parish catchment area, suffering short-term financial hardship. The fund is now open to applications.


The Support Fund is overseen by a panel. The panel members are: Tom Harrison, Joe Hughes, Chris Mclean, Tony Power and Emma Turnbull with support from Fr. Colm Hayden.

Please read the information sheet before completing your application. A list of alternative support is also available. 


To apply please complete the application form which is available below in PDF format, or via the parish office or by contacting the parish secretary on 07391 529827. There is also a confidential email - 

Applications to be sent to the Parish Secretary at or addressed to her at the Parish Office, and you can contact her on the parish mobile 07391 529 827.

If you require help to complete an application, any member of the parish community can assist you in this regard, or can submit an application on your behalf.

The maximum award is usually £300. On occasion requests have come in from those who while living within the parish boundaries  may  not  have  any  direct  link  to  our parish.  Again,in  these  cases  the panel consider the need of the applicant and come to a decision.

Information on Durham food Banks

For information please use the on-line link for information on all County Durham Foodbanks – Locations / Opening times / to donate or volunteer

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