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Health & Safety/Buildings Committee

The Role of the Buildings and Health & Safety Group is the implementation of Health & Safety (H&S) procedures and practices throughout the Parish to ensure compliance with legislation. This includes carrying out six-monthly H&S Inspections of all Parish buildings and grounds and reporting to the Diocesan H&S Adviser. The role also includes the maintenance and upkeep of all Parish buildings and grounds by regular inspection and liaison with Diocesan Property Team and Contractors. In addition, each member has specific areas of responsibility as follows:

• Mary Harrison - Chair. Food Safety and hygiene.

• John Wells - Parish H&S Representative, reporting to Diocese. St Bede’s Presbytery; St Godric’s Church; Tenter House (St Francis Priory); St Bede’s Cemetery, Redhills. Assisted by: • Tom Hoban

• Dennis Bradley - Parish Fire and Safety Adviser; St Joseph’s Church.


The Committee reports to the Parish Council and holds bimonthly meetings.

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