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Journey in Faith

Journey in Faith: Thursdays 7:30pm

St Joseph’s Church

What is Journey in Faith?


Each session involves a presentation and some informal group discussion and concludes by 9 pm with tea and coffee.


The Programme of talks are given by invited speakers from the parish and surrounding area. A copy of the programme will be placed in both churches and on the website.


The programme generally attracts three categories of people:

• Those who are curious and want to know more about Catholicism and might want to become more committed.


• Those who are already firmly resolved to become Catholics.


• Parishioners who come to refresh their own understanding of what our faith teaches, and also, very importantly, to support enquirers and welcome them into our community.




Upcoming Sessions

11th January The Holy Spirit 


Starting again after Christmas on 11 th January, we will run every Thursday at 7.30pm in the Jubilee Room or the Don Bosco Room until 21st March.


The complete 2024 dates re not given because at this stage, they have not all been finalised.


These are the topics we hope to cover: Baptism and Confirmation, Reconciliation and the Sacrament of the Sick, Eucharist, Ordination and Vocation, Catholic Social Teaching, The problem of evil, The Bible, The Holy Spirit, Liturgy and the Mass. Matrimony, Mary, The Triduum.



Discussion is always enriched through the attendance of parishioners so do come along and support this. For further information speak Marjorie in the parish office, 07483 369 561- or Erica Smith, Peter Thompson or Joanna Pallister.

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