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Thought from Fr. Colm - 10th March 2024

Updated: Mar 15


A Poem by: Eloise A. Skimings

The clouds break - light thro' the darkness

Penetrates the gloom with its effulgence,

And from on high soft Alleluias float

Like angels' whisperings - full of hope

To the hopeless mortal, whose web of life,

Both warp and weft, are spun of sin;

But now the God man, who died to save

And bring sinners to repentance.

Is risen to-day, as he said,

And lo, their faces are illumin'd

And their souls once more purified.

The old leaven is purg'd away

And the tarnish on their armor

Is removed— may it keep burnish'd

With constant use in God's armory,

This world, which Satan strives to rule;

And at the final resurrection

May we all swell the grand chorus,

"Resurrexit Sicut Dixit" - Alleluia



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