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Monday of Easter Week

Monday of Easter Week

Matthew 28:8-15

Today’s readings testify to the Resurrection of Christ. St Peter, along with his fellow disciples, is speaking to a crowd and speaking to them of Christ and is part of the first ever Christian sermon. The basis for his preaching and that of the apostles is clearly their own personal encounter with the Risen Lord. Like the sermons recorded in the Acts of the Apostles they are personal testaments to the death and resurrection of Christ. In the gospel, Jesus appears to the women and tells them to go and get the disciples and to tell them to go to Galilee where he will meet them. Galilee represented normality and everyday life for the disciples and it reminds us that we too will find Christ in the normality of our lives.

Jesus, of the resurrection;

stop us in our tracks.

Teach us to fish,

to trust,

to forgive,

to seek justice,

to recognize your grace,

to love,

to live the prayer, you taught us to pray:

Our father…



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