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St. Leonard’s School Petition to Parliament

The parents, with Mary Foy, have organised a petition to keep pressure on the government to formalise mitigating circumstances for students taking exams this year in RACC affected schools. The petitioners, therefore, request that the House of Commons urges the Department for Education to bring forward legislation to ensure that the Secretary of State for Education can provide the pupils at St. Leonard's Catholic School mitigating circumstances for their exams this year, and all those who suffer similar circumstances.

Blank forms can be found at the back of church. You can add your name to the form before or after Mass or take it home and return your completed forms to church - there is a box at the back - and these will be collected by one of the school parent groups.

Guidelines for completing the form - Instructions from the Office of Mary Kelly Foy MP – St. Leonard’s Petition Guidance.

The petition text must not be altered, the document must be printed as it is supplied, or it will not be accepted in Parliament. Black ink preferable. Hard copies are also available from the Office of Mary Kelly Foy MP, Moor Chambers, 26 Front Street, Framwellgate Moor, DH1 5EJ – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 10am-12pm or 1-3pm. Signatories can be from anywhere in the country, if you have family or friends elsewhere who’d like to sign it please encourage them to do so. If you’d like some pre-paid envelopes so people can return copies of the petition to Mary’s office direct, please let Emma know – or 07474 020 000.

The deadline for gathering signatures will be Saturday 16th March this will allow Mary’s team time to compile the full hardcopy document for Mary to take to Westminster on the morning of 18th March with the view to present it that week – prior to Easter. Mary is planning a market stall in March which parents are welcome to come along to so we can gather more signatures. Save St Leonard’s posters etc are very welcome to be displayed on her stall. Mary is also taking copies of the petition on all campaign sessions, she and the team will be pushing it everywhere possible. Signatures cannot be added online, this is a hardcopy only petition (Parliamentary rules for this type of petition).

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